Whether you require acoustic wall panels, ceiling panels, or an acoustical roof deck, Musiban panels can be your right choice to decorate your interior spaces particularly where aesthetics are as important as acoustic performance.  Musiban panels are a versatile building material made from 100% wood wool(no cement). These acoustic wall panels combine a unique textured beauty with unusual durability. These decorative and acoustical panels combine several functions that truly set them apart for use in commercial, institutional, recreational and industrial buildings

Green and environment-friendly: No discharge of formaldehyde, good for human and environment
Excellent sound absorption: NRC up to 0.95
Attractive finishes: The panels can be used in their attractive unpainted natural color. They can be also painted to match color schemes without losing acoustical efficiency
Fire resistance: Musiban panel has been tested and classified B1 (fire resistant) according to the GB9624 standard.
Structural strength: These decorative and acoustical panels are abuse resistant and are able to withstand the impact of thrown or kicked balls in gyms still retain their appearance.
Easy to install: They can be cut easily and shaped with standard woodworking tools, and installed in standard grid systems or direct attached.
Lightweight: Because the density of Musiban panels is only one half of MDF, it is easy and safe to installed in standard grid systems with less weight
Termite and vermin resistance: Tests have proven that Musiban panels is not vulnerable to attack by termites or vermin, nor is Musiban panels subject to any biological decay.


MusibanTM Panels are the ideal decorative wall and ceiling treatment for areas where sound and noise control are a consideration. Musiban decorative and acoustical panels are suitable for almost every application including use in auditoriums, conference areas, libraries, schools, offices, public buildings, or any area where acoustics, aesthetics, and value are a consideration.

Common Specifications: 600*600mm 600*1200mm 600x2000 mm 600*2400mm

Common Thickness: 8mm 10mm、15mm,20mm 25mm
Other thickness is available upon request

Tolerance: ±1mm